Invenium Data Insights GmbH

Invenium is a company that specializes in making human movement flows visible and understandable by analyzing and processing anonymous mobile signal data. Invenium uses advanced technologies and machine learning to provide valuable insights that help in city planning, traffic management, and crisis response.

Role and Responsibilities

As a frontend developer at Invenium, I was instrumental in transforming the intangible into the tangible. My role was to make data visible and understandable, a task I approached with a mix of creativity, technical expertise, and a deep understanding of our user's needs.

Utilizing State-of-the-Art Technology

Leveraging the power of sophisticated technology, I used React to create fast and responsive dashboards. I also used Deck.gl to visualize data on maps, adding an interactive element that brought the data to life. This was not a solo effort; collaboration was key. I worked closely with our clients, ensuring that the decisions we made were user-friendly and met their specific requirements.

Creation of Component Library

One of my most important contributions was the creation of a component library. This included chart visualizations that were tightly integrated with the dashboards and tailored to the customer's needs. This library served as a valuable resource, streamlining the development process and ensuring consistency across our products.

Enhancing Developer Experience and Quality Assurance

I was also responsible for creating a build-chain, with the goal to enhance the developer experience and making it as seamless as possible. Quality assurance was another critical aspect of my role. I implemented end-to-end and screenshot tests to ensure the product functioned flawlessly in every situation.