Wastebox is a digital solution for construction waste management, providing an efficient, transparent, and environmentally friendly service for construction companies. The company operates nationwide and offers flexibility in waste disposal. The app/web portal provides a live overview of all jobs, data, and reports, ensuring transparency in real-time.

Role and Responsibilities

As a Full Stack Developer at Wastebox, I played a pivotal role in the startup phase, helping to kickstart the development process and lay the foundation for the company's technology stack. Being one of the first developers, I had the opportunity to make critical decisions, such as choosing Node.js for the backend, using an ORM with seeding data, and implementing a fully-fledged database migration system written in JavaScript. I also had a say in the choice of the database to be used.

Real-Time Tracking Feature

One of my significant contributions was providing an Uber-like experience for our users. I achieved this by enabling real-time tracking of drivers in the user's vicinity and incoming drivers using a Redis database and websockets. This feature greatly enhanced the user experience, making our service more interactive and user-friendly.

Development of Web Portal

In addition to this, we built a web portal where users could manage their data, track their orders, and place new orders. This portal served as a one-stop solution for our users, providing them with all the tools they needed to manage their waste disposal effectively.

Overcoming Challenges

The biggest challenge I faced was the creation of billing statements and the pricing system. However, with a deep understanding of our users' needs and a strong focus on creating a transparent and fair pricing system, I was able to overcome this challenge.